Wolf’s Rain: The Search For Meaning

Just a quick notice, because of the nature of the series, there’s pretty much no way this article can avoid from being spoilerific. I’m going to put the more tag up here so if you want to avoid that stuff, don’t click it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.



Kishōtenketsu In Durarara!!

If the first two episodes of Durarara!! were combined into one, it would almost certainly be one of my favorite anime episodes of all time.  I think what I like about them, more than anything else, is the way their narrative is presented. In many ways they perfectly exemplify the way in which anime is structured these days. That is, the splicing of seemingly incongruous narratives into one. This style of storyelling isn’t unique to just anime though. In actuality, this technique has been used in Japanese and Chinese narratives for centuries, existing under the name Kishōtenketsu.


Hiroyasu Ishida: Fumiko’s Confession And Rain Town

Very diverse body of work as you can see.

A while ago, while searching for obscure anime shorts I could use to bolster my hipster credit broaden my horizons I stumbled upon a little-known indie animator and manga artist by the name of Hiroyasu Ishida. His body of work thus far is fairly small, consisting only of two shorts. One is the wildly energetic Fumiko’s Confession, which cemented in my mind his great talent as a visual artist.