Introduction and Top 11 Anime

Hello there anime blogging community! I am Sky and I will be your host here.  After reading the wonderful blog of gaguri (Which I would recommend to anybody who might somehow end up reading my blog) I was sort of inspired to make my own.  Basically my intention with this blog is to create something amusing while also being informative. Something a bit different from the typical seasonal review or just general review blog, though I may end up doing those. Basically I want to create unique articles about a subject which I truly love — anime.

So with that in mind, before I get started, I think what I’m gonna try to do is list out my top 11 anime before I post anything of substance because I want you all to get an idea of my taste before you start reading my blog and angrily disagreeing with every statement I make and totally not because I’m a pretentious douchebag who wants to flaunt his superior taste over yours.

Now for the disclaimer. This is entirely my list and the picks here are mine. They are, in fact, vastly superior to anything you could possibly conceive of. Indeed, your opinion may differ from mine and for that I expect numerous letters of apology. Get to it. But in all seriousness this is just my opinion. If you, you, my nonexistent audience, have a different opinion that’s cool. In fact, go ahead and discuss it in the comments. Just keep it civil.

With that out of the way, let’s begin.